Prevention Materials

The state suicide prevention program produces suicide prevention materials, and regularly works with nonprofit and community partners to distribute them and promote suicide prevention. If you would like to order some of these materials, please click here to email an order request. Please indicate which you want, and give an amount, a contact name and number, and a mailing address.


Coping with Losing Someone to Suicide

Every year, more than 100 Alaskans die by suicide. Like you, their family and friends are survivors of suicide loss. Together, we learn to cope and to heal.











 Recovering From Self-Harm or a Suicide Attempt

Supporting Someone After a Self-Harm or Suicide Attempt. Has contact information for support resources, general information on coping and some things to keep in mind.










 Coping with Sudden Traumatic Loss

Has resources and helpful information that aids with support or recovery of a self-harm or suicide attempt.

sudden-loss-brochure-statewide sunden-loss-brochure-dbh


Careline Crisis Intervention

Learn what to watch for, what are the warning signs?







 Loss and Healing

Healing doesn’t mean you’ll never be sad again. But, there is an important difference between sadness and depression.











ASK Cards

Not sure if someone needs help? ASK.

ASK cards







 You’re Cared About

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youre-cared-about-cards2 youre-cared-about-cards